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The 2021 Fall Wasatch Invitational is October 9-10th at Galena Hills Park in Draper, UT. Mens and Womens College Coaches across ALL divisions will be in attendance recruiting. Boys Divisions: Elite (2022/23) AND Open (2022-2025). Girls Division: Elite (2022/2023). Only $1750 per team! Click Here for more information, list of college coaches, and team registration.


2021 Salt Lake Showcase will be held on Friday, October 8th in Salt Lake City, UT! Cost is only $95. Click Here for Showcase registration and more information.

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2022 College Commits
Johnny Kidd - M/FO - Lehigh, NCAA D1
Anthony MacKay - M/FO - Westminster, NCAA D2

2021 College Commits
Brett Wheeler - A - Aurora, NCAA D3
Zach Manuel - D - Aurora, NCAA D3
Elissa Mueller - M - Coastal Carolina, NCAA D1
Bailey Johnson - M - Coker, NCAA D2
Maria Reeves - M - Florida Southern, NCAA D2
Morgan Generazo - M - Georgian Court, NCAA D2
Elijah Almanza - D - College of Idaho, MCLA D2
Max Armitage - A - High Point, NCAA D1
Colin Adams - M - Hood, NCAA D3
Sara Livingstone - A - Mount Olive, NCAA D2
Dylan Andersen - M - North Central, NCAA D3
Garrett Haas - A - Ohio State, NCAA D1
Justine Spahr - D - Regis, NCAA D2
Addison England - D - Southern Virginia, NCAA D3
Dallin Tanner - D - Utah, NCAA D1
Marcus Gundersen - G - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Spencer Ellis - D - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Michael Geisler - D - Washington, NCAA D3
Andrew Duxbury - D/LSM - Westminster, NCAA D2
Ella Cheminant - G - Westminster, NCAA D2
Kate Johnson - A - Westminster, NCAA D2
Tate Craig - A - Westminster, NCAA D2
Kenzi Winget - A/M - William Penn, NAIA
Nathan Taylor - D - Wilmington, NCAA D2
Max Parker - M - Whittier, NCAA D3
Nic Baker - M - Young Harris, NCAA D2

2020 College Commits
Jake Schramm - M - Alabama-Huntsville, NCAA D2
Aiden Shaw - D - Belmont Abbey, NCAA D2
Easton Butterfield - G - Belmont Abbey, NCAA D2
Dominick Razo - LSM - Chestnut Hill, NCAA D2
Dylan Checketts
- M/FO - Colorado Mesa, NCAA D2
Tyler Osterhout - A - Hartwick, NCAA D3
Martin Duffy - D - Indianapolis, NCAA D2
Ryley Cole - A - Florida Southern, NCAA D2
Brady Baumann - M - Marist, NCAA D1
Nick Robinson - M/FO - North Greenville, NCAA D2
Michael Duffy - G - Northern Ohio, NCAA D3
Roman Casciani - D - Northern Ohio, NCAA D3
Max Eliason - D - Saint Michael's, NCAA D2
Andrew Ballman - D - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Brinton Herrscher - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Nate Delis - D - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Tyler Swasey - A - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Xander Gordon - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Caeden Miller - D - William Penn, NAIA

2019 College Commits
Parker Childs - A - Bowdoin, NCAA D3
Andrew Freedman - A - BYU, MCLA D1
Ethan Gunn - D - BYU, MCLA D1
Dante Delgado - M - CSU-Pueblo, NCAA D2
Logan Naves - A - CSU-Pueblo, NCAA D2
Logan Wells - A - CSU-Pueblo, NCAA D2
Dylan Lisle - D - Eastern, NCAA D3
Dalton Hoopes - G - Lenoir Rhyne, NCAA D2
Sam Skousen - M - Lincoln Memorial, NCAA D2
Andrei Brown - D - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Kord Gallego - G - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Alton Taylor - A - Westminster, NCAA D2
Gage Varanakis - A/M - William Penn, NAIA

2018 College Commits
Brandon Dodd - A - Air Force, NCAA D1
Jake Muir - M/FO - CSU-Pueblo, NCAA D2
Skyler Weathers - M - CSU-Pueblo, NCAA D2
JJ Pickard - M - Jacksonville, NCAA D1
Mike Sisselberger - M/FO - Lehigh, NCAA D1
Jack Earley - A - Mercer CC, NJCAA
Charlie Black - M - San Diego St, MCLA D1
David Mitchell - A - Sierra Nevada, MCLA D2
Blake Jackson - Southern Virginia, NCAA D3
Taylor Mason - D - Utah, NCAA D1
Sam Burbank - A - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Blaine Nelsen - M - Whittier, NCAA D3

2017 College Commits
Zach Wentz - M/FO - Bellarmine, NCAA D1
Ryan Baker - D - Bryant, NCAA D1
Connor Crandall - A - BYU, MCLA D1
Lincoln Robbins - A - BYU, MCLA D1
Jack Babka - G - Herkimer CC, NJCAA
Timmy Berard - A - Idaho, MCLA D1
Daxton Allison - A - Limestone, NCAA D2
Noah Lund - A - Southern Virginia,
Porter Shepherd - D - Southern Virginia,
Bryce Gardner - M - Southern Virginia,
Talbot Child - A - Swarthmore, NCAA D3
Ben Adams - D - Utah, NCAA D1
Chris Belcher - D - Utah, NCAA D1
Gage Fisher - M - Westminster, NCAA D2

2016 College Commits
Ian Elson - M - Utah, NCAA D1
Charlie Valuck - G - Beloit, NCAA D3
Peter Williamson - D - BYU, MCLA D1
Will Gettinger - A - Colorado, MCLA D1
Zach Hamel - D - Colorado Mesa, NCAA D2
Cam Folkerson - LSM - Colorado Mesa, NCAA D2
Caelahn Bullen - G - Cornell, NCAA D1
Cavin Huntsman - D - Southern Virginia,
Shawn Lamb - A - Southern Virginia,
Stewy Tulane - A - Utah State, MCLA D1
Carter Bean - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Payton Carson - D - Westminster, NCAA D2

2015 College Commits
Ryan Townson - D - Auburn, MCLA D1
Jeff Bednar - M - BYU, MCLA D1
Payton Kimber - M - Southern Virginia, NCAA D3
Justin Jackson - A - Utah State, MCLA D1
Ryan Lunt - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Walker Murphy - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Joe Lambert - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Thomas Stockham - G - Vermont, NCAA D1

2014 College Commits
Parker Carson - LSM -Boston U, NCAA D1
Dalon Hampshire - G - BYU, MCLA D1
Sam Pugh - D - BYU, MCLA D1
Jared Kotter - D - BYU, MCLA D1
Matthew West - A - BYU, MCLA D1
Gabe Rechsteiner - M - Colorado, MCLA D1
Grant Pierce - A - Furman, NCAA D1
Luke Pyper - M - Oregon, MCLA D1
Casey Rose - M - Rutgers, NCAA D1
Mason Barnhill - D - Utah, MCLA D1
Ryan Green - M - Utah, MCLA D1
Brody Bolerjack - D - Utah State, MCLA D1
Connor Meyer - M/FO - Utah State, MCLA D1
Ian Hullinger - A - Utah State, MCLA D1
Connor Clay - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Bridger Fisher - M - Westminster, NCAA D2
Tanner Duryea - D - Westminster, NCAA D2


Girls HS Elite Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs Fire (CA)             L 5-8
Game 2 vs Team Arizona (AZ)   L 2-12
Game 3 vs Blue Label (CO)    W 8-5
Semifinals vs SD Wave (CA)    L 1-9
4th Place vs Blue Label (CO)  W 6-5

Boys 2021 Division - Results: 2-2-1
Game 1 vs 212 (UT)          L 4-7
Game 2 vs SoCal Rogue (CA)     W 6-4
Game 3 vs True Minnesota (MN)    T 6-6
Semifinals vs So Cal Bulls (CA)       L 2-5
3rd Place vs Legends Flying Pigs      W 7-2

Boys 2021/2022 Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs Badger Prime (WI)      L 4-15
Game 2 vs Mad Dog SD (CA)      W 7-3
Game 3 vs Vegas Starz (NV)         L 5-6
Game 4 vs New Wave Prospect (IL)   W 9-2
Game 5 vs Ronin (CA)             L 5-6 (OT)

Girls HS Elite Division - Results: 0-5
Game 1 vs SoCal Express Elite (CA)    L 1-10
Game 2 vs Fire (CA)                        L 3-13
Game 3 vs Diamond Cut Crew (CA)   L 5-8
Game 4 vs SD Wave (CA)               L 3-10
Game 5 vs Lax NW Rippers (OR)    L 5-6

2021 Division - Results: 3-3
Game 1 vs Team 91 Carolina (NC)   W 8-7
Game 2 vs Zingos (MD)                  W 8-4
Game 3 vs Hammers (VA)              W 9-6
Game 4 vs MD Roughriders (MD)   L 3-12
Game 5 vs HOCO (MD)                L 5-10
Game 6 vs Next Level (DC)            L 1-11

2022 Division - Results: 1-6
Game 1 vs Burning River (OH)       W 6-3
Game 2 vs HoCo (MD)                  L 2-11
Game 3 vs Hammers (VA)              L 4-8
Game 4 vs Charleston Elite (SC)    L 2-11
Game 5 vs Team 24/7 (NC)         L 5-8
Game 6 vs Sidewinders (MD)      L 5-7
Game 7 vs Cavalier (VA)             L 2-10

2021 Elite Division - Results: 4-2
Game 1 vs Team 48 (AZ)             W 19-3
Game 2 vs Rocky Mountain Sasquatch (CO)  W 12-2
Game 3 vs Pinnacle ACES (CA)      W 5-4
Game 4 vs OC Crush (CA)               L 8-9
Game 5 vs AZ Elevation (AZ)            W 10-1
Semi Final vs 212 Lacrosse (UT)       L 5-10

2022 Elite Division - Results: 1-5
Game 1 vs Watermelon Sugar (CO)     L 3-12
Game 2 vs Team Washington (WA)     L 5-8
Game 3 vs True Utah 2023AA (UT)     L 12-14
Game 4 vs 212 Lacrosse (UT)              L 2-17
Game 5 vs 10th Mountain (CO)             W 13-4
Game 6 vs Rocky Mountain HS (ID)      L 4-6

2021 Division - Results: 0-3
Game 1 vs True National Green     Loss 2-12
Game 2 vs Madlax Capital (DC)    Loss 2-15
Game 3 vs True National Black     Loss 1-13

2022 Division - Results: 0-4
Game 1 vs True National Green      Loss 0-9
Game 2 vs True National Black      Loss 3-12
Game 3 vs Madlax (DC)                 Loss 2-15
Game 4 vs Koopers (MD)               Loss 1-6

2021 Division - Results: 0-3
Game 1 vs Midwest Top Gun             Loss 1-7
Game 2 vs LI Sting (NY)                     Loss 2-6
Game 3 vs Atlanta Kings Elite (GA)    Loss 3-4

2022 Division - Results: 0-3
Game 1 vs Atlanta Kings Elite (GA)     Loss 6-7
Game 2 vs Thunder LB3 Orange (GA) 
                                                        Loss 2-11
Game 3 v Koopers (PA)                   Loss 2-3

2021 Division - Results: 0-2
Game 1 vs Leading Edge (NJ)        Loss 4-12
Game 2 vs Crabs (MD)                  Loss 4-13

2022 Division - Results: 0-2
Game 1 vs Crabs (MD)            Loss 2-10
Game 2 vs Big 4 HHH (PA)      Loss 1-11

2021 Division - Results: 2-2
Game 1 vs NXT (PA)                Loss 5-8
Game 2 vs Haymakers (OH)      Loss 5-7
Game 3 vs Dukes LC (PA)        Win 5-4
Game 4 vs Prostart (MD)           Win 4-2

2022 Division - Results: 1-3
Game 1 vs Top Caliber (VA)        Win 6-5
Game 2 vs Haymakers (OH)         Loss 2-10
Game 3 v Dukes LC (PA)              Loss 1-10
Game 4 vs NXT (PA)                    Loss 1-6

Elite A Division - Results: 3-1-1
Game 1 vs Evolve Elite (CAN)          Win 10-4
Game 2 vs Vegas Starz (NV)           Win 9-1
Game 3 v K18 Gold                      Win 14-6
Game 4 vs K18 Gold                       Loss 3-7
Game 5 vs Evolve Elite (CAN)        Tie 7-7

Elite Division - Results: 7-0
Game 1 vs Performax '20 (NY)          Win 7-3
Game 2 vs St Mary's Ryken (MD)      Win 6-2
Game 3 v MXB College Prep (MA)   Win 7-4
Game 4 vs Alpha Lacrosse '21 (WI)    Win 7-2
Game 5 vs Rotten Apples (IL)              Win 6-4
Game 6 vs Performax '21 (NY)           Win 13-2
Game 7 vs Swarm '21 (NJ)                 Win 12-3

Rising Division - Results: 2-4
Game 1 vs ALC Bay Raiders '23 (MD) Win 6-3
Game 2 vs Team UNRL '23               Loss 3-6
Game 3 v Alpha Lacrosse '22 (WI)     Loss 5-9
Game 4 vs Zingos '22 (MD)               Win 8-1
Game 5 vs East Side '22 (MD)          Loss 3-8
Game 6 vs Cannons Select '22 (MD)  Loss 4-5

Elite Division - Results: 6-0
Game 1 vs Rocky Mountain Rippers (UT)  Win 5-4
Game 2 vs Laxski (UT)                  Win 11-5
Game 3 vs 212 Lacrosse (UT)     Win 8-7  3OT
Game 4 vs East HS (UT)                 Win 13-1
Game 5 vs Mountain Ridge HS (UT)   Win 14-3
Championship vs 212 Lacrosse (UT)    Win 7-6

Rising Division - Results: 4-2
Game 1 vs 801 Tribe (UT)         Loss 3-7
Game 2 vs Laxski (UT)                  Win 16-0
Game 3 vs East HS (UT)             Win 15-0
Game 4 vs Mountain Ridge HS (UT)  Win 11-3
Game 5 vs Jackson Hole (WY)     Win 6-2
Championship vs 801 Tribe (UT)  Loss 2-9

2020 AA Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs 3d Upstate (NY)         Loss 4-5
Game 2 vs FLG (NY)                 Loss 2-10
Game 3 vs Team 302 Elite (DE)     Loss 5-11
Game 4 vs Team 302 Elite (DE)     Win 9-6
Game 5 vs Prospect Lacrosse (IL)  Win 5-3

2023 Division - Results: 0-5
Game 1 vs South Star (TX)           Loss 3-5
Game 2 vs Lax NW Rippers (OR)   Loss 2-14
Game 3 vs Hoppers (UT)             Loss 2-12      
Game 4 vs Vegas Starz (NV)      Loss 4-9
Game 5 vs Denver Elite (CO)     Loss 1-10     

2020 Division - Results: 3-2
Game 1 vs Black Bear (PA)        Win 8-2
Game 2 vs Battlelax (VA)            Win 9-4
Game 3 vs PLC Gold (MD)         Loss 2-6
Game 4 vs Team Buffalo (NY)      Loss 3-6
Game 5 vs Shamrocks LC (NJ)     Win 5-4

U19 Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs Team 19 (CO)           Loss 6-7
Game 2 vs ADRLN Tropics         Loss 1-12
Game 3 vs Minnesota Chill             Win 11-5
Game 4 vs Nike Trailblazers (CO)   Win 19-13
Game 5 vs True Lacrosse         Loss 12-13 OT

2020 Division - Results: 1-4
Game 1 vs NCF Triad Elite (NC)     Win 11-2
Game 2 vs PLC Gold (MD)            Loss 3-12
Game 3 vs LI Sting Gold (NY)       Loss 5-10
Game 4 vs SouthStar (TX)              Loss 2-14
Quarterfinals vs LI Sting Black (NY)   Loss 4-8

2020 Division - Results: 3-2
Game 1 vs MDX Revolution (MD)  Loss 3-7
Game 2 vs Sidewinders (MD)         Win 5-4
Game 3 vs Bay Area Sandsharks (FL) Loss 5-9
Game 4 vs Rockhurst Jesuit (MO)  Win 9-4
Game 5 vs True North Stars (IL)     Win 15-0

2023/2024 Division - Results: 5-0
Game 1 vs Oneida LC (UT)           Win 14-1
Game 2 vs Sage Lacrosse (UT)   Win 16-1
Game 3 vs 801 Tribe (UT)         Win 18-1
Game 4 vs True Utah                  Win 15-1
Championship vs Sage (UT)       Win 12-3

2023 Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs Idaho Outlaws           Win 6-4
Game 2 vs Jackson Hole (WY)   Loss 4-5
Game 3 vs True Idaho                 Loss 2-13
Game 4 vs Headwater (MT)        Loss 3-7
Game 5 vs Oneida (UT)             Win 6-2

2023 Division - Results: 3-2
Game 1 vs Vegas Starz (NV)       Win 10-1
Game 2 vs Team Washington       Win 6-5
Game 3 vs Colorado Chill             Win 3-2
Game 4 vs Lacrosse Force (NV)   Loss 4-6
Semifinals vs Pinnacle Aces (CA)   Loss 5-7

2019 Division - Results: 2-4
Game 1 vs Team Lacrosse (PA)   Loss 5-7
Game 2 vs Performax (NY)         Loss 6-7
Game 3 vs Triad Elite (NC)         Loss 3-10
Game 4 vs Team Maryland '20    Win 7-3
Game 5 vs Performax (NY)         Win 7-3
Game 6 vs Team Maryland '19    Loss 6-7 2OT

2023 Division - Results: 2-1
Game 1 vs Oneida LC (UT)    Loss 4-6
Game 2 vs Warriors (UT)       Win 12-0
Game 3 vs Colorado Chill       Win 2-0

HS Elite Division - Results: 1-4
Game 1 vs Silver Bullets (CO)      Loss 2-14
Game 2 vs Fellowship (CO)          Loss 7-9
Game 3 vs CO Fire                       Loss 6-10
Game 4 vs Evolve Elite (CO)         Loss 3-9
Game 5 vs True Colorado             Win 13-0

HS Division - Results: 5-1
Game 1 vs 801 Tribe (UT)                  Win 7-4
Game 2 vs Park City HS (UT)            Win 18-1
Game 3 vs Riverton HS (UT)             Win 17-1
Game 4 vs Rocky Mountain Rippers  Loss 5-6
Semifinal vs 801 Tribe (UT)                 Win 10-5
Final vs Rocky Mountain Rippers(UT) Win 10-6

2019 Division - Results: 2-2-1
Game 1 vs Rock (MD)                  Win 7-1
Game 2 vs Blue Star 2019 (NJ)    Loss 2-6
Game 3 vs Blue Star 2020 (NJ)      Tie 5-5
Game 4 vs Fusion (PA)                  Loss 5-6
Game 5 vs Blue Star 2019/20 (NJ)  Win 5-4

2019 Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs West Islip (NY)           Loss 1-11
Game 2 vs NJLC (NJ)                   Loss 6-7
Game 3 vs Scarlet Knights (NJ)    Loss 6-9
Game 4 vs Middlesex Bears (MA)  Win 5-3
Game 5 vs NJ Hurricanes (NJ)     Win 6-3

U19 Division - Results: 0-5
Game 1 vs Laxachusetts (MA)        Loss 6-10
Game 2 vs Team 18 National (CO)   Loss 6-10
Game 3 vs True Lacrosse National  Loss 10-15
Game 4 vs 3d Lacrosse                    Loss 6-18
Game 5 vs Florida Kings (FL)         Loss 12-17

2019 Division - Results: 0-5
Game 1 vs Juiced Cherries (MI)     Loss 2-15
Game 2 vs Top Caliber (VA)           Loss 5-9
Game 3 vs Team 24/7 (NC)            Loss 3-4
Game 4 vs Venom (VA)                  Loss 2-11
Game 5 vs Road Warriors (NY)       Loss 3-10

2018 Division - Day 1 Results: 2-1
Game 1 vs Top Caliber (VA)          Loss 7-8
Game 2 vs Warrrior Diamond National  
                                                       Win 11-2      
Game 3 vs Lynchburg Select (VA)   Win 7-5

2018 Division - Day 2 Results: 2-1
Game 1 vs Evolve Elite (CO)           Loss 2-7
Game 2 vs New Jersey Hurricanes (NJ)  
                                                        Win 4-3    
Game 3 vs Team Maryland (MD)     Win 7-5

Elite Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs Denver Smoke (CO)         Win 10-4
Game 2 vs 3d Colorado (CO)         Loss 5-10  
Game 3 vs Denver Elite '18/'19 (CO) Loss 1-11
Game 4 vs Evolve Elite (CO)            Loss 6-12
Game 5 vs Denver Elite '18/'19 (CO) Win 5-4 OT

Results: 3-4
Game 1 vs Seatlle Starz 2020 (WA)   Loss 4-5
Game 2 vs Northport HS (NY)          Loss 5-8  
Game 3 vs Long Island Sting (NY)  Loss 4-14
Game 4 vs Tri-State (NJ)           Loss 5-6 (OT)
Game 5 vs Cape Fear Shamrocks 2020 (NC)  
                                                          Win 8-5
Scrimmage vs Farmingdale HS (NY)   Loss 2-9
Game 6 vs 3D Texas 2018/19 (TX)      Win 7-6
Game 7 vs 3D Texas 2020 (TX)          Win 12-1

U-19 Division - Results: 2-4
Game 1 vs FCA                              Loss 4-14
Game 2 vs 3D National                  Loss 4-18  
Game 3 vs True National (IL/MI)     Win 11-8
Game 4 vs KC Blue Lion (MO)        Win 19-5
Game 5 vs True National (IL/MI)      Loss 3-8
Game 6 vs 3D National                    Loss 8-14

High School Elite Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs Buku (CA)          Loss 7-8
Game 2 vs Pinnacle Aces (CA)
   Loss 6-9               
Game 3 vs Team 6 (UT)          Win 6-2
Game 4 vs LA Mavs (CA)        Loss 3-10
Game 5 vs True Idaho (ID)       Win 10-3 

2017 A Division - Results: 1-4
Game 1 vs Force Storm (OH)     Loss 7-8 OT
Game 2 vs Black Jack Elite (OH)  Win 6-4
Game 3 vs LI Warhawks (NY)     Loss 4-6
Game 4 vs Tri-State 2018 (NJ)     Loss 3-9
Quarterfinal vs Team Minnesota  Loss 4-7

U-19 Division - Results: 1-4
Game 1 vs Team Colorado (CO)    Loss 4-16
Game 2 vs KC Blue Lion (MO)      Win 10-3  
Game 3 vs DC Elite (DC)               Loss 2-16
Game 4 vs ADRLN Tropics           Loss 8-24
Game 5 vs Laxachusetts (MA)       Loss 6-13

High School Elite Division - Results: 2-2-1
Game 1 vs Zip It Elite (NV)    Loss 4-7
Game 2 vs Lacrosse Force (NV)
  Win 7-5                
Game 3 vs Rip City (CA)        Tie 6-6
Game 4 vs True Idaho (ID)    Win 12-1
Final vs. Zip It Elite (NV)         Loss 3-9           

2016 A Division - Results: 5-3
Game 1 vs True Wisconsin (WI)       Win 5-3
Game 2 vs Titanium Kentucky (KY)  Win 7-3
Game 3 vs Sound Bucks (CT)      Loss 4-5 OT
Game 4 vs Tri-State Black (NJ)        Loss 1-13
Playoff Play-in vs LB Stars (PA)       Win 7-0
Quarterfinal vs True Indiana (IN)     Win 6-4
Semifinal vs True Wisconsin (WI)    Win 7-5
Final vs Tri-State Black (NJ)              Loss 4-9

U-19 Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs Baltimore Crabs (MD)   Loss 7-14
Game 2 vs Brady's Bunch               Loss 5-12    
Game 3 vs Anderson Trojans (TX)   Win 21-0
Game 4 vs Local Favorites (CO)      Win 18-6
D2 Final vs Minnesota Chill (MN)    Loss 9-10

U-19 Division - Results: 4-1
Game 1 vs Advantage Elite (UT)     Win 10-4
Game 2 vs Black Cat (CA)               Win 10-5    
Game 3 vs Valor Christian (CO)      Win 5-4
Semifinal vs Zip It Elite (NV)             Loss 5-6
3rd Place vs Valor Christian (CO)   Win 12-4

Rising Senior A Division - Results: 5-1
Game 1 vs Tri-State Blue (NJ)      Win 13-0
Game 2 vs NJ Diesel (NJ)            Win 5-4 OT
Game 3 vs Team ESM (NY)          Win 7-2
Game 4 vs Miller Place (NY)         Win 6-3
Game 5 vs Titanium Ohio (OH)      Win 5-4
Quarterfinal vs Team ESM (NY)    Loss 5-6

U-19 Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs ADVNC (CA)                  Loss 7-11
Game 2 vs Laxachusetts (MA)       Loss 9-15    
Game 3 vs Nebraska Prime (NE)   Win 20-2
Game 4 vs 3d New England           Loss 6-15
Game 5 vs Minnesota Chill (MN)     Win 9-5

U-19 Elite Division - Results: 5-1
Game 1 vs Utah Starz (UT)            Win 10-5
Game 2 vs Zip It Elite (NV)            Win 14-5    
Game 3 vs Beach Head (CA)       Win 13-7
Game 4 vs Advantage (UT)           Win 11-2
Semifinal vs Zip It Elite (NV)          Win 10-3
Final vs Vegas Starz Elite (NV)      Loss 6-9

Elite HS Division - Results: 3-1
Game 1 vs Vegas Starz Select (NV)  Win 13-2
Game 2 vs Vegas Starz Elite (NV)     Loss 5-11
Game 3 vs Zip It Elite (NV)                  Win 11-6
Game 4 vs Advantage (UT)                Win 15-3

Rising Senior A Division - Results: 3-0
Game 1 vs NJ Diesel (NJ)                 Win 11-2
Game 2 vs Recon Lacrosse (NY)     Win 7-3
Game 3 vs Team Florida (FL)            Win 10-2

U-19 Division - Results: 4-1
Game 1 vs Northern Utah Thunder   Win 10-2
Game 2 vs L.A. All City (CA)                Win 13-3
Game 3 vs Nor Cal Braves (CA)          Win 9-7
Game 4 vs Cadillax (CA)                      Win 11-3
Semifinal vs California Ducks (CA)     Loss 4-5

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Congratulations to our 8 players who made the 2018 Apex Summer Invitational All Star Game: Dalton Hoopes (East HS/G/2019), Deven Baker (Juan Diego HS/A/2019), Andrew Freedman (Timpview HS/A/2019), Sam Skousen (Northridge HS/M/2019), Caleb Dickson (Corner Canyon HS/M/2019), Ethan Gunn (Spanish Fork HS/D/2019), Jack Engel (Skyline HS/D/2020), & Dominick Razo (Copper Hills HS/D/2020)!

Congratulations to our two players who made the 2018 Inside Lacrosse Summer Recruiting Invitational Uncommitted 2019/2020 All Star Game: Sam Skousen (Northridge HS/M/2019) & Xander Gordon (Olympus HS/M/2020)!

Congratulations to David Mitchell (Skyline HS/2018), Jake Muir (Bonneville HS/2018), and Taylor Mason (American Fork HS/2018) on making All-Tournament at the 2017 Fall Inside Lacrosse Recruiting Invitational! Click here to see the full write up on the All-Tournament team.

Congratulations to Mike Sisselberger (Southern Lehigh HS/2018) on making All-Tournament at the 2017 U19 Vail Shootout! Click here and scroll down to see the full All-Tournament team .


2016 Tri-State Trip Blog: July 5-12



Mike Skousen - South Weber, UT

I truly believe that the top competitive High School team in Utah is Wasatch LC. I make this claim based on several reasons.

1) Cost. Most competitive teams in the state base their program on a cattle call mentality. They welcome everyone and anyone to come and tryout. They conduct tryouts that don’t really mean a lot because if you can pay, you can play and everyone makes the team. Wasatch is different in that their tryouts are real and only the best of the best makes the team. The coaches look at skill set but they also look at the player and see if they are someone that they can coach and grow and will be a good fit for their team. What you get for what you pay is a steal and I think the coaches should charge more but they won’t because the do it for the love of the game and the boys.

2) Coaching. After our first game with Wasatch we game film with pages of notes and comments to review. My wife looked at me and said are you kidding me, because we’d never seen this much care and consideration for our son as a player. This type of feedback has increased my son's lacrosse IQ exponentially. Our son is given feedback and room to grow without hampering the things he is doing right. In other words, there are sticks but there are more carrots given to the players and the coaches focus more on the positive with each player.

3) Team Building. The teams that Wasatch puts out year-round are some of the best teams in the surrounding area and in the state. Wasatch also focuses on playing the top talent in the nation and targets tournaments in the country that are flush with D-1 talent. What I mean by that is there are tournaments that we’ve played in that are made up of teams that only accept D-1 commits on their roster. Although we don’t always come away with a W , I’d rather learn and get to play the best talent in the nation vs staying home and running the table at tournaments with lower level of competition.

4) Player exposure. Wasatch does an amazing job of promoting each player. The coaches ensure that players receive recognition and accolades on their social media for their deserved performances. The tournaments they play in are also targeted because of the coaches and colleges that will be there. Many former Wasatch LC players have gone on to play for colleges locally and across the country. Wasatch LC is a great launching pad for your player if they are coachable, work hard and willing to listen and learn.

5) Experience. Players get to know other top players from around the state and country. As a collection of top talent, it’s been fun to watch our son develop relationships with other players and learn from them. When they travel, they travel as a team and stay as a team. We have always felt our son is in good hands with the coaches to look after them. They have a blast on their trips and the coaches take them out to nice places to eat and then on campus visits as well as historical sites and places of interest (like the beach) after the lacrosse games are done.

Overall, we feel blessed to have had the opportunity to play with Wasatch LC and hope that our younger son is good enough when he is older to make the team. I’m so thankful we have this local program that focuses on the boys and not the dollar. I’d recommend Wasatch LC to anyone and everyone - and actually I do!

Jeff Dickson - Corner Canyon Youth Lacrosse Director

I have been involved in lacrosse for 10 years. During that time, I have held numerous positions including coaching high school and youth teams to my current position as the youth director of the largest youth lacrosse league in the state of Utah. Developing players was always a consistent goal that I have valued more than anything.

That was one of the things that Wasatch LC has done so very well. They spend a ton of time focusing on the fundamentals of the game and building on that strong foundation. Wasatch LC has done a fantastic job with my son and we saw him progress so much, especially against some of the best competition in the country.

In addition, Wasatch LC has done a fantastic job with building relationships on the recruiting front and have open a ton of doors for the future.

Our experience has been outstanding with Wasatch LC and I highly recommend them. They focus on the right things, are organized and understand what it takes to be successful at the next level.

Bart Butterfield - South Jordan, UT

I just wanted to say “thanks” to both of you for your time yesterday. The progress that each of my boys made during their session with you was easily observable and was the result of your insightful feedback. I’ve sent both of them to camps, clinics and one-on-one coaching in an effort to ensure that they had the tools they needed to improve and in all cases the results failed to equal what you two accomplished in that one hour of practice. They are both excited to work with you again very soon.

Shane Doss (Notre Dame '17) - Apex Lacrosse Events Director

Just wanted to say thanks again for coming to our tournament, I hope it was a great experience despite the heat. Every time I saw you guys it looked like you were having fun and making the most of it, so cool to see after seeing all the crazy stuff that goes on at the club level. You guys are definitely one of the few programs out there doing it right!! Got the chance to meet some of your kids at the All-Star game, really great dudes. Best of luck with everything, let me know if you guys ever need anything from me!!

Jesse Card - American Fork, UT

I just wanted to say thank you for providing such an amazing opportunity for Fish this Summer. He really liked getting to know the guys on the team. He even made a few new friends. I asked him what he liked the most about playing for Wasatch and he said it was the practices. He particularly like how organized they were and the position specific attention and error correction he received. As a parent of four lacrosse players that have played a lot of club Lacrosse, I have to mention that I liked the practices that I observed. They're highly organized and fast paced. On most Lacrosse teams, goalies are thrown in the cage and then shot on and then rarely receive any type of error correction. That wasn't the case at Wasatch and I thank you. Fish has big goals moving forward and playing against the best competition possible has helped give him a little extra drive. He's starting to work hard.

Bill Freedman - Provo, UT

My son had played on numerous club lacrosse team. I was totally impressed with the quality of the experience provided by Wasatch LC! The coaches are everything you hope for as a parent. They are organized well in advance, forthcoming with information, not afraid to face the best talent, and provide excellent coaching! They earn an A+ in my book. Honestly, every game is filmed and posted, stats are recorded and provided, it’s a top notch program in every way from start to finish.

Tanner Duryea - Westminster College '18 (Skyview HS HS/2014/Logan, UT)

Wasatch LC, without a doubt, is the best thing to ever happen to me in my lacrosse career. Wasatch allowed me to meet and play with kids all over the state that I never would have had the opportunity to do. Most of them I still keep in contact with to this day and am proud to call them friends! I’ve gotten to travel all across the country from Las Vegas to Baltimore playing against the best talent in the country. We were able to put together a team of underrated and overlooked players and go head to head with teams full of kids going to Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Syracuse, and all the top D1 programs. Playing against the top talent in the country tournament after tournament was special, but the experience provided was what made it so memorable. I’ve played on a lot of travel teams but I have never felt more cared for, invested in, and provided for by any program or organization. This truly is the best investment anyone can make for their lacrosse careers for national exposure, individual development, relationships, and personal experience. Ricky, Danny, and Adam took a chance on a kid from little Logan, UT and I will never be able to thank them enough for all they’ve given me!

Casey Rose - Rutgers University '19 (Corner Canyon HS/2014/Draper, UT)

Playing for the Wasatch Lacrosse club was a unique opportunity for me. Having coaches who have played at high level and share a passion for the game allowed me to progress rapidly as a player. Every minute of every game has been filmed, analyzed, and used to increase my lacrosse IQ and gain knowledge of what I was doing right or wrong. On the road, the coaches always put the players first. We traveled to different NCAA ranked lacrosse schools, toured them, and saw where we could potentially play one day. They opened my eyes to what lacrosse really is and what it takes to play at the next level. These guys put their heart and soul into everything they do.

Arthur Caplan - Logan, UT

When I think of the Wasatch LC coaching staff - Danny, Ricky, and Adam - three themes come readily to mind: their love of coaching, their commitment to the sport of lacrosse, and the laid-back, empathic way in which they build cohesion among the boys. My son, Sutton, has played lacrosse for a number of different coaches over the years (including me for one stretch early on in his career), and so when I say that the Wasatch staff is unique in these three respects I'm at least speaking with some level of personal experience and perspective. Indeed, it is their unique combination of love, commitment, and team-building expertise that has helped save (yes, save) Sutton's high school lacrosse career, not once but twice. Ricky first noticed Sutton's face-off skills while he was refereeing a JV lacrosse tournament in Salt Lake City near the end of Sutton's freshman year. Sutton had been struggling with the attitudes and partiality of his high school team's assistant coaches at the time. He was beginning to lose confidence in his playing ability (which is one of the worst things an athlete can ever do). Danny and Ricky invited Sutton for a two-hour tryout and ultimately decided to give him a chance to be a member of the Wasatch LC for the upcoming summer tournaments. From there, practicing and playing with Wasatch LC (not only in the Tri-State and Vail tournaments, but also the fall season's Vegas tournament) helped restore Sutton's self-confidence. He began his sophomore high-school season with a renewed vigor and excitement for the game. It turned out to be another long high-school season, with lots of drama provided by the parents and some of his teammates. By season's end Sutton was feeling burned out on lacrosse. Thankfully he had committed to play with Wasatch LC again in the 2016 Tri-State Tournament, so he began attending the Saturday afternoon practices in SLC, which is sometimes a big deal for us as we live in Logan - an hour + drive each way. Again, the coaching of Danny, Ricky, and Adam reinvigorated Sutton. The practices and Tri-State tournament became the highlights for that stretch of his summer, and Sutton is now awaiting the beginning of the high school season with a renewed self-confidence.

So yes, it is not really an exaggeration to say that playing for Wasatch LC saved my son's future in lacrosse, not once, but twice. We are so fortunate to have met these coaches when we did. It has definitely been a case of perfect timing for us.

Dane and Wendy Kimber - Spanish Fork, UT

Playing for Wasatch LC was one of the best lacrosse experiences our son could have had! The level of coaching he received moved his game to an entirely different level, which was exactly what he was hoping for. Ricky, Danny, and Adam are smart coaches, who gave the boys every opportunity to win every game they played. Every player got tons of playing time-- nobody sat on the bench. But what I really appreciated was the fact that the coaches were VERY organized, from practices all the way through travel accommodations, flights, ground transportation, and even the restaurants where they ate! The Tri-State National trip was absolutely incredible, and exposed our son to so many truly great, historical schools with top-notch lacrosse programs. It was a very customized, once-in-a-lifetime trip that Adam and the Larkins put together.

Our son had the dream summer of a lifetime as he played with Wasatch LC, and because of the individual attention he received from the coaches, the experience will move forward with him in the form of sharper skills, and an elevated game. We can't say enough good things about this program.

Scott and Shauna Fisher - Salt Lake City, UT

We have been with Repetition / Wasatch Lacrosse Club since its start and have nothing but great things to say. We have had the opportunity to interact with the staff as high school coaches, as Rep Lax clinic/camp coaches, and have watched them play lacrosse themselves. They have a quiet determination, focus, and intensity that makes them great coaches. In their coaching, they are able to hold the players' attention and keep them engaged. Their coaching style appeals to players and parents. They have great interaction skills with both players and parents. They are very knowledgable about lacrosse and what it takes to have a great team and succeed. They have experience in college lacrosse, the knowledge of how to get to the college lacrosse level and they have the experience from playing college lacrosse "back east".

Both of our boys have now played with Wasatch LC.  The Wasastch LC staff is extremely knowledgeable, very organized, and enthusiastic about giving Utah kids the opportunity to play lacrosse at very competitive tournaments; especially the summer trip when they take the boys back East to play.  The trip back East offers the opportunity to experience Eastern lacrosse and colleges in a unique way that is very helpful in the search for a college lacrosse program.  Wasatch LC set up tours to several of the big lacrosse schools while we were there!  We are very confident in these coaches and would highly recommend their camps and their team!!

Jared Kotter - BYU/Spanish Fork, UT

I can honestly say Wasatch LC had been one of the best learning experiences I've ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Not just for lacrosse, but to help me figure out what I want out of college, and ultimately life. The process to decide where to go to college really is a life changing decision, especially if you're planning on playing a sport for your respective college, and my experience with Wasatch LC over the last year and a half has been a huge factor in helping me make this decision.

Now for the coaches. Adam, Ricky and Danny. These are probably some of the most down to earth, helpful and REAL people I've ever met. Ive played on a lot of clubs, And Many club teams say that really want to help you, but none does as good of a job as Wasatch, or even any where close. The coaches really did become my friends and they run the program to help the boys. They do it to give lacrosse players from Utah opportunities that they never had when they were in our shoes; not for the money. They helped me with being able to go to a tournament when I didn't. Know if I could afford it and asked for basically nothing in return.
These guys aren't just coaches, but friends, and I could never thank them enough for everything they've done.

Wasatch LC is a stand up program that I recommend to all of my friends if they really wanna get better, and that's because it's ran by stand up men.

Thanks Wasatch LC! I can't thank you enough!!

Carter Bean - Desert Hills HS/2015/St. George, UT

It’s the first time I’ve gone on a trip like this where I haven’t gotten anxious to get home. I love our team and it’s a privilege to be able to play side by side with these guys. There’s no other team I’d rather be playing for.

Mitch World - Brighton HS/2015/Sandy, UT

Definitely the most fun and well planned trip I have been on! The Philly cheese steaks were awesome! Touring the colleges and playing teams above our level really helped us come together and see what the next level of lacrosse is like. Tristate was really eye opening. Playing and beating really good teams. I never thought it was capable of a Utah team. Undefeated and first seed truly shows that we came together as a team enough to trust each other. All around awesome trip and a great lacrosse experience!

Caelahn Bullen - Trinity Pawling HS (NY)/2016/Calgary, AB, CA

Awesome time with the Wasatch teammates this past weekend. Our team was intense and determined to win. We showed the east what the west is really made of. The atmosphere was tremendous, and I can’t wait to get back out there to play some ‘Satch laxcrosse with the bros!

Ryan Baker - Juan Diego HS/2017/Draper, UT

Tristate was one of the most fun tournaments I’ve been to. I haven’t had fun like that in a long time. I just got to go out on the field and play for the guys next to me and not worry about getting recruited. I didn’t feel the looming pressure of it I just felt like I was playing for the guys not myselfI also met some really cool guys which is always a plus. Don’t forget Angel as well, she was a smokeshow. #satchlax

Alex Croyle - Bonneville HS/2015/Ogden, UT

It was an awesome experience to play against the high caliber lacrosse players back east. It was cool to see how Utah matched up against other states. Best lacrosse tournament/trip experience I’ve ever had.

Cameron Folkerson - Brighton HS/2016/Sandy, UT

The Tri state trip was the best lacrosse trip I have been on. The games were intense and challenging, and the team bonded over that week more than any other team I've been on.

Angie Duryea - Logan, UT

Sounds like, despite the humidity and rain, the boys had a trip of a lifetime! Beautiful scenery, good games, and what a great bonding trip! Thanks coaches for taking this on. I know it wasn't easily put together. Lots and lots of planning!!

Cherrie Clay - Centerville, UT

Excellent job Adam, Danny and Ricky! Well planned, and perfectly executed. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job in giving these boys one of the greatest experiences in their lives! Coaches and Players, you made all of Utah lacrosse proud! Thanks for the daily blogs on UtahLacrosseNews also...that was extremely helpful in filling in the detail from the vague updates from our other source. Thanks also to Renee and Suzie for sharing their pics!

Paige Pierce - Sandy, UT

The three of you (Adam, Danny, & Ricky) did an amazing job with this trip and the FULL experience you provided these young men. I also want to acknowledge the work the Larkins put in over the years to get to the point where they hand picked this team, it really was a very special combination of boys. That didn't happen by accident and we want to thank them for all the time they put into team selection (years) -- you really did something special with this team. Kudos.

Susie Rose - Draper, UT

What a great trip for these boys. You guys did a phenomenal job organizing the scrimmages, multiple college visits, Philadelphia tourist attractions, eating at fun restaurants, pool time, film, talks, etc. The tournament was just a small part of the whole week. We are fortunate to have been able to be there. What great chemistry this team has after spending a week together. We heard lots of laughter all the time. Thank you for the opportunity and memories.

Mark Pyper - Sandy, UT

Danny and Ricky and Adam, THANK YOU for planning and implementing such an incredible trip for the boys. We have heard so many positive things from Luke, and other parents and players. Having the opportunity to see different colleges, meet coaches and tour the locker rooms at places like Loyola and Hopkins are rare experiences. In addition, we were so impressed that you organized scrimmages against top clubs from back east so that the boys could test their game against a high level of competition before the Tri State Tournament even began. We greatly appreciate all of the time and effort you put into making this trip so successful for the boys on so many levels.

Travis and Sabrina Hampshire - Bountiful, UT

We would like to thank Adam, Ricky and Danny for there hard work in creating one of the best lacrosse experiences that our son has had. As very involved parents we would have loved to have been there watching and cheering on the team, but it just couldn't happen. However, thanks to your social media skills we were able to follow the progress of the team and feel like we were part of the trip. The pictures, facebook updates, streaming video, tweets on twitter, all of it was awesome. You all went way beyond to make this an experience of a lifetime.

Day 2 of the trip was the "sickest" day according to Dalon. Hopkins, Loyola, and the Hall of Fame was almost to much to dream for. Playing the Duke's LC was actually one of the highlights for him, being able to play such a highly touted team and challenge his abilities is more fun for him then annihilating the Baggataway Team, but he said that was fun too. He told us after the 6 quarter game was over that he was ready to play Duke's again.

We can't thank you enough for this opportunity, he will never forget this trip, this team, and the coaches who made it possible.

Anita Green - West Jordan, UT

Thank you Danny, Ricky and Adam for making the trip amazing for the boys. You guys did a great Job.

Jay and Rebecca Meyer - Syracuse, UT

Adam, Danny and Ricky, I want to personally thank each of you for your personal interest in Connor and his progression as a LAX player and young man. I appreciate your leadership on and off the field and the example you set. Connor is receptive to your coaching style and has improved because of your help. Your fingerprint will forever be on Connor and these boys and in the end this is what makes all the effort worth it.

Thanks for the trip and how organized it was. The activities were awesome and the level of play was what these boys needed to see. Connor had a blast and gave a glowing review of the trip.

Tom Stockham - Holladay, UT

Thank you so much for all you did to create a great experience for Thomas and the whole Wasatch LC team! We're so impressed and grateful. The logistics -- from transportation to housing to food to games to activities to contingency planning -- the type and quality of the various experiences, the way the group got along...Wow!

You created something special that we were lucky to be a part of.

Laurie Bean - St. George, UT

Thank you so much for the incredible experience you all created for Carter. He felt like the whole experience was awesome. We really appreciate you taking a chance on a kid from St. George. Just playing with this team was so great for him. We also want to thank the team for the way they accepted him and made him feel like he was part of the team. You represented Utah well! There alot of teams that now know that Utah plays lacrosse.

Thanks again for all you did. It was much appreciated!

Garret Rose - Draper, UT

As a parent who was at the event (Tri-State), I can testify that Adam, Danny and Ricky worked hard to make this an awesome experience for the boys. From organizing tours of campuses or historic spots to doing their laundry. Their attention to detail was incredible. They created an experience that these kids will remember forever.

Thanks Guys. Great Trip!!

Doug Smith - Draper, UT

Adam, Danny and Ricky are coaches that care a lot about each of the boys and really know the game. The team culture is the best I have ever seen. The boys are respectful and helpful to each other. They are developing great skills. They play hard as a team and have a lot of fun. This has everything to do with the leadership/coaches and the quality of boys that this program attracts. Thanks for letting us be a part.

Nick Thomas - Chestnut Hill College/Westminster/Ogden, UT

I have had the opportunity to work with coaches Adam, Ricky, and Danny of Wasatch LC and Repetition Lacrosse and I would like to share my story and experience working with them. The Larkin brothers first spotted me in a winter league game and I began working with them from then on. I really appreciated and benefitted from the individual attention they were giving me.

They took serious interest in me and began talking to me about my future in lacrosse after high school. They explained to me that they thought I had enough skill to play in college and that if I really wanted to they would help me in any way they could. It was my dream to play college lacrosse and due to their efforts, I became more confident in that possibility.

After we spoke that winter our communication has only increased. They began inviting me to play in pick-up games in Salt Lake and coached me throughout my time there. The more I got out there to play, the more they helped me, the better I got. What was once just an acquaintance turned into a friendship. I began looking up to the Larkin's and they really took my game seriously.

After high school I joined their summer league team and excelled with them. They helped me put my name out to scouts and coaches that they knew. Because of them, schools such as Dominican College, and Chestnut Hill College started to contact me. Coach Adam Eddinger happens to be friends of the Larkin's and is an assistant coach at Chestnut Hill. I first met coach Adam at a pick-up game at Westminster College. Because of Ricky, Danny and Adam, I am committed to play lacrosse at the NCAA Division 2 level at Chestnut Hill College.

Without the help of them and Repetition Lacrosse, I might not be in the position I am. These coaches have an unbelievable love and understanding for the game of lacrosse and it's growth throughout the nation. I can personally attest to their hard work and dedication. I am honored to have worked with Ricky, Danny, and Adam and recommend Repetition Lacrosse highly.

Sometimes it's not about what you know, but who you know. I would have never thought where I am was possible until I met these guys. Dreams really do come true.