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Player Information Sheet and send it to: WasatchLC@gmail.com


Girls High School Elite Team coming fall of 2020! Tryouts will be held on August 15th AND August 22nd from 9-11am at Scott Ave Park in Salt Lake City. Girls coaches announced: Tracy Pati (former University of Utah Head Coach), Melissa Reeves (Westminster College) & Courtney McCabe (Westminster College). Classes of 2021-2024.

Fall Boys High School Tryouts will be held on August 15th AND August 22nd from 12-2pm at Scott Ave Park in Salt Lake City. Classes of 2021-2024.

Click Here for registration and more information about our upcoming tryouts!

The 2020 Fall Wasatch Invitational is October 10-11th in Salt Lake City, UT. College Coaches across ALL divisions will be in attendance recruiting. Divisions: Boys HS Elite & Boys HS Rising. Only $1500 per team! Click Here for more information, list of college coaches, and team registration.

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"Playing for the Wasatch Lacrosse Club was a unique opportunity for me. Having coaches who have played at high level and share a passion for the game allowed me to progress rapidly as a player. Every minute of every game has been filmed, analyzed, and used to increase my lacrosse IQ and gain knowledge of what I was doing right or wrong."
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-Casey Rose (Rutgers University '19/Corner Canyon HS)


2020 College Commits
Jake Schramm - M - Alabama-Huntsville, NCAA D2
Aiden Shaw - D - Belmont Abbey, NCAA D2
Easton Butterfield - G - Belmont Abbey, NCAA D2
Dominick Razo - LSM - Chestnut Hill, NCAA D2
Dylan Checketts
- M/FO - Colorado Mesa, NCAA D2
Philo Biane - M - Elmhurst, NCAA D3
Tyler Osterhout - A - Hartwick, NCAA D3
Martin Duffy - D - Indianapolis, NCAA D2
Ryley Cole - A - Florida Southern, NCAA D2
Brady Baumann - M - Marist, NCAA D1
Nick Robinson - M/FO - North Greenville, NCAA D2
Michael Duffy - G - Northern Ohio, NCAA D3
Roman Casciani - D - Northern Ohio, NCAA D3
Max Eliason - D - Saint Michael's, NCAA D2
Andrew Ballman - D - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Brinton Herrscher - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Xander Gordon - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1

2019 College Commits
Parker Childs - A - Bowdoin, NCAA D3
Andrew Freedman - A - BYU, MCLA D1
Ethan Gunn - D - BYU, MCLA D1
Dante Delgado - M - CSU-Pueblo, NCAA D2
Logan Naves - A - CSU-Pueblo, NCAA D2
Logan Wells - A - CSU-Pueblo, NCAA D2
Dylan Lisle - D - Eastern, NCAA D3
Dalton Hoopes - G - Lenoir Rhyne, NCAA D2
Sam Skousen - M - Lincoln Memorial, NCAA D2
Andrei Brown - D - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Kord Gallego - G - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Alton Taylor - A - Westminster, NCAA D2
Gage Varanakis - A/M - William Penn, NAIA

2018 College Commits
Brandon Dodd - A - Air Force, NCAA D1
Jake Muir - M/FO - CSU-Pueblo, NCAA D2
Skyler Weathers - M - CSU-Pueblo, NCAA D2
JJ Pickard - M - Jacksonville, NCAA D1
Mike Sisselberger - M/FO - Lehigh, NCAA D1
Jack Earley - A - Mercer CC, NJCAA
Charlie Black - M - San Diego St, MCLA D1
David Mitchell - A - Sierra Nevada, MCLA D2
Blake Jackson - Southern Virginia, NCAA D3
Taylor Mason - D - Utah, NCAA D1
Sam Burbank - A - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Blaine Nelsen - M - Whittier, NCAA D3

2017 College Commits
Zach Wentz - M/FO - Bellarmine, NCAA D1
Ryan Baker - D - Bryant, NCAA D1
Connor Crandall - A - BYU, MCLA D1
Lincoln Robbins - A - BYU, MCLA D1
Jack Babka - G - Herkimer CC, NJCAA
Timmy Berard - A - Idaho, MCLA D1
Daxton Allison - A - Limestone, NCAA D2
Noah Lund - A - Southern Virginia,
Porter Shepherd - D - Southern Virginia,
Bryce Gardner - M - Southern Virginia,
Talbot Child - A - Swarthmore, NCAA D3
Ben Adams - D - Utah, NCAA D1
Chris Belcher - D - Utah, NCAA D1
Gage Fisher - M - Westminster, NCAA D2

2016 College Commits
Ian Elson - M - Utah, NCAA D1
Charlie Valuck - G - Beloit, NCAA D3
Peter Williamson - D - BYU, MCLA D1
Will Gettinger - A - Colorado, MCLA D1
Zach Hamel - D - Colorado Mesa, NCAA D2
Cam Folkerson - LSM - Colorado Mesa, NCAA D2
Caelahn Bullen - G - Cornell, NCAA D1
Cavin Huntsman - D - Southern Virginia,
Shawn Lamb - A - Southern Virginia,
Stewy Tulane - A - Utah State, MCLA D1
Carter Bean - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Payton Carson - D - Westminster, NCAA D2

2015 College Commits
Ryan Townson - D - Auburn, MCLA D1
Jeff Bednar - M - BYU, MCLA D1
Payton Kimber - M - Southern Virginia, NCAA D3
Justin Jackson - A - Utah State, MCLA D1
Ryan Lunt - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Walker Murphy - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Joe Lambert - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Thomas Stockham - G - Vermont, NCAA D1

2014 College Commits
Parker Carson - LSM -Boston U, NCAA D1
Dalon Hampshire - G - BYU, MCLA D1
Sam Pugh - D - BYU, MCLA D1
Jared Kotter - D - BYU, MCLA D1
Matthew West - A - BYU, MCLA D1
Gabe Rechsteiner - M - Colorado, MCLA D1
Grant Pierce - A - Furman, NCAA D1
Luke Pyper - M - Oregon, MCLA D1
Casey Rose - M - Rutgers, NCAA D1
Mason Barnhill - D - Utah, MCLA D1
Ryan Green - M - Utah, MCLA D1
Brody Bolerjack - D - Utah State, MCLA D1
Connor Meyer - M/FO - Utah State, MCLA D1
Ian Hullinger - A - Utah State, MCLA D1
Connor Clay - M - Utah Valley, MCLA D1
Bridger Fisher - M - Westminster, NCAA D2
Tanner Duryea - D - Westminster, NCAA D2


Elite A Division - Results: 3-1-1
Game 1 vs Evolve Elite (CAN)          Win 10-4
Game 2 vs Vegas Starz (NV)           Win 9-1
Game 3 v K18 Gold                      Win 14-6
Game 4 vs K18 Gold                       Loss 3-7
Game 5 vs Evolve Elite (CAN)        Tie 7-7

Elite Division - Results: 7-0
Game 1 vs Performax '20 (NY)          Win 7-3
Game 2 vs St Mary's Ryken (MD)      Win 6-2
Game 3 v MXB College Prep (MA)   Win 7-4
Game 4 vs Alpha Lacrosse '21 (WI)    Win 7-2
Game 5 vs Rotten Apples (IL)              Win 6-4
Game 6 vs Performax '21 (NY)           Win 13-2
Game 7 vs Swarm '21 (NJ)                 Win 12-3

Rising Division - Results: 2-4
Game 1 vs ALC Bay Raiders '23 (MD) Win 6-3
Game 2 vs Team UNRL '23               Loss 3-6
Game 3 v Alpha Lacrosse '22 (WI)     Loss 5-9
Game 4 vs Zingos '22 (MD)               Win 8-1
Game 5 vs East Side '22 (MD)          Loss 3-8
Game 6 vs Cannons Select '22 (MD)  Loss 4-5

Elite Division - Results: 6-0
Game 1 vs Rocky Mountain Rippers (UT)  Win 5-4
Game 2 vs Laxski (UT)                  Win 11-5
Game 3 vs 212 Lacrosse (UT)     Win 8-7  3OT
Game 4 vs East HS (UT)                 Win 13-1
Game 5 vs Mountain Ridge HS (UT)   Win 14-3
Championship vs 212 Lacrosse (UT)    Win 7-6

Rising Division - Results: 4-2
Game 1 vs 801 Tribe (UT)         Loss 3-7
Game 2 vs Laxski (UT)                  Win 16-0
Game 3 vs East HS (UT)             Win 15-0
Game 4 vs Mountain Ridge HS (UT)  Win 11-3
Game 5 vs Jackson Hole (WY)     Win 6-2
Championship vs 801 Tribe (UT)  Loss 2-9

2020 AA Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs 3d Upstate (NY)         Loss 4-5
Game 2 vs FLG (NY)                 Loss 2-10
Game 3 vs Team 302 Elite (DE)     Loss 5-11
Game 4 vs Team 302 Elite (DE)     Win 9-6
Game 5 vs Prospect Lacrosse (IL)  Win 5-3

2023 Division - Results: 0-5
Game 1 vs South Star (TX)           Loss 3-5
Game 2 vs Lax NW Rippers (OR)   Loss 2-14
Game 3 vs Hoppers (UT)             Loss 2-12      
Game 4 vs Vegas Starz (NV)      Loss 4-9
Game 5 vs Denver Elite (CO)     Loss 1-10     

2020 Division - Results: 3-2
Game 1 vs Black Bear (PA)        Win 8-2
Game 2 vs Battlelax (VA)            Win 9-4
Game 3 vs PLC Gold (MD)         Loss 2-6
Game 4 vs Team Buffalo (NY)      Loss 3-6
Game 5 vs Shamrocks LC (NJ)     Win 5-4

U19 Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs Team 19 (CO)           Loss 6-7
Game 2 vs ADRLN Tropics         Loss 1-12
Game 3 vs Minnesota Chill             Win 11-5
Game 4 vs Nike Trailblazers (CO)   Win 19-13
Game 5 vs True Lacrosse         Loss 12-13 OT

2020 Division - Results: 1-4
Game 1 vs NCF Triad Elite (NC)     Win 11-2
Game 2 vs PLC Gold (MD)            Loss 3-12
Game 3 vs LI Sting Gold (NY)       Loss 5-10
Game 4 vs SouthStar (TX)              Loss 2-14
Quarterfinals vs LI Sting Black (NY)   Loss 4-8

2020 Division - Results: 3-2
Game 1 vs MDX Revolution (MD)  Loss 3-7
Game 2 vs Sidewinders (MD)         Win 5-4
Game 3 vs Bay Area Sandsharks (FL) Loss 5-9
Game 4 vs Rockhurst Jesuit (MO)  Win 9-4
Game 5 vs True North Stars (IL)     Win 15-0

2023/2024 Division - Results: 5-0
Game 1 vs Oneida LC (UT)           Win 14-1
Game 2 vs Sage Lacrosse (UT)   Win 16-1
Game 3 vs 801 Tribe (UT)         Win 18-1
Game 4 vs True Utah                  Win 15-1
Championship vs Sage (UT)       Win 12-3

2023 Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs Idaho Outlaws           Win 6-4
Game 2 vs Jackson Hole (WY)   Loss 4-5
Game 3 vs True Idaho                 Loss 2-13
Game 4 vs Headwater (MT)        Loss 3-7
Game 5 vs Oneida (UT)             Win 6-2

2023 Division - Results: 3-2
Game 1 vs Vegas Starz (NV)       Win 10-1
Game 2 vs Team Washington       Win 6-5
Game 3 vs Colorado Chill             Win 3-2
Game 4 vs Lacrosse Force (NV)   Loss 4-6
Semifinals vs Pinnacle Aces (CA)   Loss 5-7

2019 Division - Results: 2-4
Game 1 vs Team Lacrosse (PA)   Loss 5-7
Game 2 vs Performax (NY)         Loss 6-7
Game 3 vs Triad Elite (NC)         Loss 3-10
Game 4 vs Team Maryland '20    Win 7-3
Game 5 vs Performax (NY)         Win 7-3
Game 6 vs Team Maryland '19    Loss 6-7 2OT

2023 Division - Results: 2-1
Game 1 vs Oneida LC (UT)    Loss 4-6
Game 2 vs Warriors (UT)       Win 12-0
Game 3 vs Colorado Chill       Win 2-0

HS Elite Division - Results: 1-4
Game 1 vs Silver Bullets (CO)      Loss 2-14
Game 2 vs Fellowship (CO)          Loss 7-9
Game 3 vs CO Fire                       Loss 6-10
Game 4 vs Evolve Elite (CO)         Loss 3-9
Game 5 vs True Colorado             Win 13-0

HS Division - Results: 5-1
Game 1 vs 801 Tribe (UT)                  Win 7-4
Game 2 vs Park City HS (UT)            Win 18-1
Game 3 vs Riverton HS (UT)             Win 17-1
Game 4 vs Rocky Mountain Rippers  Loss 5-6
Semifinal vs 801 Tribe (UT)                 Win 10-5
Final vs Rocky Mountain Rippers(UT) Win 10-6

2019 Division - Results: 2-2-1
Game 1 vs Rock (MD)                  Win 7-1
Game 2 vs Blue Star 2019 (NJ)    Loss 2-6
Game 3 vs Blue Star 2020 (NJ)      Tie 5-5
Game 4 vs Fusion (PA)                  Loss 5-6
Game 5 vs Blue Star 2019/20 (NJ)  Win 5-4

2019 Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs West Islip (NY)           Loss 1-11
Game 2 vs NJLC (NJ)                   Loss 6-7
Game 3 vs Scarlet Knights (NJ)    Loss 6-9
Game 4 vs Middlesex Bears (MA)  Win 5-3
Game 5 vs NJ Hurricanes (NJ)     Win 6-3

U19 Division - Results: 0-5
Game 1 vs Laxachusetts (MA)        Loss 6-10
Game 2 vs Team 18 National (CO)   Loss 6-10
Game 3 vs True Lacrosse National  Loss 10-15
Game 4 vs 3d Lacrosse                    Loss 6-18
Game 5 vs Florida Kings (FL)         Loss 12-17

2019 Division - Results: 0-5
Game 1 vs Juiced Cherries (MI)     Loss 2-15
Game 2 vs Top Caliber (VA)           Loss 5-9
Game 3 vs Team 24/7 (NC)            Loss 3-4
Game 4 vs Venom (VA)                  Loss 2-11
Game 5 vs Road Warriors (NY)       Loss 3-10

2018 Division - Day 1 Results: 2-1
Game 1 vs Top Caliber (VA)          Loss 7-8
Game 2 vs Warrrior Diamond National  
                                                       Win 11-2      
Game 3 vs Lynchburg Select (VA)   Win 7-5

2018 Division - Day 2 Results: 2-1
Game 1 vs Evolve Elite (CO)           Loss 2-7
Game 2 vs New Jersey Hurricanes (NJ)  
                                                        Win 4-3    
Game 3 vs Team Maryland (MD)     Win 7-5

Elite Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs Denver Smoke (CO)         Win 10-4
Game 2 vs 3d Colorado (CO)         Loss 5-10  
Game 3 vs Denver Elite '18/'19 (CO) Loss 1-11
Game 4 vs Evolve Elite (CO)            Loss 6-12
Game 5 vs Denver Elite '18/'19 (CO) Win 5-4 OT

Results: 3-4
Game 1 vs Seatlle Starz 2020 (WA)   Loss 4-5
Game 2 vs Northport HS (NY)          Loss 5-8  
Game 3 vs Long Island Sting (NY)  Loss 4-14
Game 4 vs Tri-State (NJ)           Loss 5-6 (OT)
Game 5 vs Cape Fear Shamrocks 2020 (NC)  
                                                          Win 8-5
Scrimmage vs Farmingdale HS (NY)   Loss 2-9
Game 6 vs 3D Texas 2018/19 (TX)      Win 7-6
Game 7 vs 3D Texas 2020 (TX)          Win 12-1

U-19 Division - Results: 2-4
Game 1 vs FCA                              Loss 4-14
Game 2 vs 3D National                  Loss 4-18  
Game 3 vs True National (IL/MI)     Win 11-8
Game 4 vs KC Blue Lion (MO)        Win 19-5
Game 5 vs True National (IL/MI)      Loss 3-8
Game 6 vs 3D National                    Loss 8-14

High School Elite Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs Buku (CA)          Loss 7-8
Game 2 vs Pinnacle Aces (CA)
   Loss 6-9               
Game 3 vs Team 6 (UT)          Win 6-2
Game 4 vs LA Mavs (CA)        Loss 3-10
Game 5 vs True Idaho (ID)       Win 10-3 

2017 A Division - Results: 1-4
Game 1 vs Force Storm (OH)     Loss 7-8 OT
Game 2 vs Black Jack Elite (OH)  Win 6-4
Game 3 vs LI Warhawks (NY)     Loss 4-6
Game 4 vs Tri-State 2018 (NJ)     Loss 3-9
Quarterfinal vs Team Minnesota  Loss 4-7

U-19 Division - Results: 1-4
Game 1 vs Team Colorado (CO)    Loss 4-16
Game 2 vs KC Blue Lion (MO)      Win 10-3  
Game 3 vs DC Elite (DC)               Loss 2-16
Game 4 vs ADRLN Tropics           Loss 8-24
Game 5 vs Laxachusetts (MA)       Loss 6-13

High School Elite Division - Results: 2-2-1
Game 1 vs Zip It Elite (NV)    Loss 4-7
Game 2 vs Lacrosse Force (NV)
  Win 7-5                
Game 3 vs Rip City (CA)        Tie 6-6
Game 4 vs True Idaho (ID)    Win 12-1
Final vs. Zip It Elite (NV)         Loss 3-9           

2016 A Division - Results: 5-3
Game 1 vs True Wisconsin (WI)       Win 5-3
Game 2 vs Titanium Kentucky (KY)  Win 7-3
Game 3 vs Sound Bucks (CT)      Loss 4-5 OT
Game 4 vs Tri-State Black (NJ)        Loss 1-13
Playoff Play-in vs LB Stars (PA)       Win 7-0
Quarterfinal vs True Indiana (IN)     Win 6-4
Semifinal vs True Wisconsin (WI)    Win 7-5
Final vs Tri-State Black (NJ)              Loss 4-9

U-19 Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs Baltimore Crabs (MD)   Loss 7-14
Game 2 vs Brady's Bunch               Loss 5-12    
Game 3 vs Anderson Trojans (TX)   Win 21-0
Game 4 vs Local Favorites (CO)      Win 18-6
D2 Final vs Minnesota Chill (MN)    Loss 9-10

U-19 Division - Results: 4-1
Game 1 vs Advantage Elite (UT)     Win 10-4
Game 2 vs Black Cat (CA)               Win 10-5    
Game 3 vs Valor Christian (CO)      Win 5-4
Semifinal vs Zip It Elite (NV)             Loss 5-6
3rd Place vs Valor Christian (CO)   Win 12-4

Rising Senior A Division - Results: 5-1
Game 1 vs Tri-State Blue (NJ)      Win 13-0
Game 2 vs NJ Diesel (NJ)            Win 5-4 OT
Game 3 vs Team ESM (NY)          Win 7-2
Game 4 vs Miller Place (NY)         Win 6-3
Game 5 vs Titanium Ohio (OH)      Win 5-4
Quarterfinal vs Team ESM (NY)    Loss 5-6

U-19 Division - Results: 2-3
Game 1 vs ADVNC (CA)                  Loss 7-11
Game 2 vs Laxachusetts (MA)       Loss 9-15    
Game 3 vs Nebraska Prime (NE)   Win 20-2
Game 4 vs 3d New England           Loss 6-15
Game 5 vs Minnesota Chill (MN)     Win 9-5

U-19 Elite Division - Results: 5-1
Game 1 vs Utah Starz (UT)            Win 10-5
Game 2 vs Zip It Elite (NV)            Win 14-5    
Game 3 vs Beach Head (CA)       Win 13-7
Game 4 vs Advantage (UT)           Win 11-2
Semifinal vs Zip It Elite (NV)          Win 10-3
Final vs Vegas Starz Elite (NV)      Loss 6-9

Elite HS Division - Results: 3-1
Game 1 vs Vegas Starz Select (NV)  Win 13-2
Game 2 vs Vegas Starz Elite (NV)     Loss 5-11
Game 3 vs Zip It Elite (NV)                  Win 11-6
Game 4 vs Advantage (UT)                Win 15-3

Rising Senior A Division - Results: 3-0
Game 1 vs NJ Diesel (NJ)                 Win 11-2
Game 2 vs Recon Lacrosse (NY)     Win 7-3
Game 3 vs Team Florida (FL)            Win 10-2

U-19 Division - Results: 4-1
Game 1 vs Northern Utah Thunder   Win 10-2
Game 2 vs L.A. All City (CA)                Win 13-3
Game 3 vs Nor Cal Braves (CA)          Win 9-7
Game 4 vs Cadillax (CA)                      Win 11-3
Semifinal vs California Ducks (CA)     Loss 4-5

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Congratulations to our 8 players who made the 2018 Apex Summer Invitational All Star Game: Dalton Hoopes (East HS/G/2019), Deven Baker (Juan Diego HS/A/2019), Andrew Freedman (Timpview HS/A/2019), Sam Skousen (Northridge HS/M/2019), Caleb Dickson (Corner Canyon HS/M/2019), Ethan Gunn (Spanish Fork HS/D/2019), Jack Engel (Skyline HS/D/2020), & Dominick Razo (Copper Hills HS/D/2020)!

Congratulations to our two players who made the 2018 Inside Lacrosse Summer Recruiting Invitational Uncommitted 2019/2020 All Star Game: Sam Skousen (Northridge HS/M/2019) & Xander Gordon (Olympus HS/M/2020)!

Congratulations to David Mitchell (Skyline HS/2018), Jake Muir (Bonneville HS/2018), and Taylor Mason (American Fork HS/2018) on making All-Tournament at the 2017 Fall Inside Lacrosse Recruiting Invitational! Click here to see the full write up on the All-Tournament team.

Congratulations to Mike Sisselberger (Southern Lehigh HS/2018) on making All-Tournament at the 2017 U19 Vail Shootout! Click here and scroll down to see the full All-Tournament team .


2016 Tri-State Trip Blog: July 5-12


  • Name: Caelahn Bullen

  • High School: Trinity-Pawling School (Class of 2016)

  • Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • What college/university will you attend?

Cornell University

  • What other schools did you consider?

The other great schools I was considering was Princeton, Brown, Harvard, Boston College, and UMBC.

  • What were the deciding factors that helped you choose?

The main factor was the academics. I wanted to go to an institution that would supply me with outstanding tools for life. Secondly was their renowned and incredible lacrosse problem. It is coached by the best of the best; Coach Kerwick, Coach Milliman, Coach Kivlen, and Coach Rothman. This was the easy deciding factor, for they can shape any student athlete into a high level D1 contender. It is easily one of the best programs in the NCAA D1 league. Thirdly was its cold and northern geography, much like the native homeland, Canada. Lastly, they serve Tim Hortons in the hockey rink, which obviously attracts Canadians much like myself.

  • What do you like about the campus?

I love the aesthetics of the campus and its atmosphere in total. It’s a university that just feels like ‘home’ to me. Additionally, it’s a unique place because of its landmarks, such as the gorges. Cornell has amazing features such as rivers and streams, along with a great atmosphere of students… and especially the lacrosse team. The guys make it feel like home.

  • How did your interaction with the coaching staff begin? Did they see you play and contact you or did you send highlight film?

I actually got in contact with them through going to tournaments and sending in footage along with my transcripts. Coach Milliman reached out to me and my family, and from thereon we knew this incredible institution would be a perfect fit for me. I have to thank Coach Kerwick and Coach Milliman for also being very supportive through the admissions process. They are two outstanding coaches.

  • What advice do you have for players who are aspiring to play Lacrosse in college?

Just be yourself and find the perfect fit. It shouldn’t be anything that’s truly rushed, it should take time. Just play your game, and play it well. That’s the trick to recruitment. It’s all about being an individual and not conforming to any of the general lacrosse populace, be pronounced.

  • How has Wasatch LC helped you?

Wasatch has provided me with an abundance of connections and truly understanding the game with versatility. In the previous tournament in Princeton, NJ, I was given the chance to step out of net and be an attackman. In my opinion, it’s the greatest advantage to be an attackman and a goalie. To be an attackman you need to know the ins and outs of the goalie you’re playing against. Vice versa, to be a goalie, you need to understand and truly know who’s shooting on you. Additionally to the opportunity of versatility, they provided me with connections. Connections ranging from the great coaches of the Wasatch program, to connections with players all over the west and east coast. This has benefited me and truly shaped me into an individual that now has the opportunity to seek any assistance all over America.

  • What was/has been the best part about playing for Wasatch LC?

The best part has been the environment. It’s truly a great bunch of guys that have a desire to become better in the sport of lacrosse. I’m truly blessed to also have the chance to be with some really great coaches. Both Danny and Ricky Larkin have been so supportive of getting me to the great tournaments. And Coach Eddinger brings the intensity that picks up the guys game. Like I said, it’s the whole positive atmosphere of the team.

  • What is your most memorable experience from playing with Wasatch LC?

The most memorable experience was the bus rides to the games. Me being from Canada, it was always awesome to bump ‘Out for a rip’ in Coach Eddingers van. The boys appreciated the music and became a tradition to play the song before every game.

  • Why should other players aspire to play for Wasatch LC?

To enjoy the ride. Everyone needs to experience the great coaching staff and to have the opportunity to be with the guys. Like I said, the atmosphere is just indescribable. You truly feel like a family.

  • Please add who you would like to thank on this momentous occasion:

I want to firstly than my two amazing parents; My mother Heather and my father Chris. They always are there for me and support me to go on amazing trips, like the Wasatch LC adventures. Secondly I would like to thank Coaches Ricky, Danny, and Adam. They have should tremendous support to me, and continue to. Thirdly, I want to thank all the boys for making such a momentous trip this summer. Thank you Wasatch LC!